Gert Nell



Our fees are structured based upon a contingency fee agreement as derived from the Contingency Fee Act.

Once we decide to accept an instruction we carry the risk and expenses related to the specific instruction.

Should the claim for whatever reason not be successful no fee will be charged and the matter will be regarded as finalized and the file is closed without any cost implication for the client.

Upon successful finalization of the matter an attorney and client account will be drawn up in accordance with the contingency fee agreement reached between Gert Nel Inc. and our client.

We carry the expenses related to the claim throughout the claim process i.e. medico legal examinations, RAF 4 - examinations, Sherriff's fees etc.

At no stage will a client be expected to pay a deposit or contribute to any expenses during the administration of his/her claim.

In terms of our agreement our fees will never exceed 25% excluding VAT, of the capital value of the claim -

see: Thulo v Road Accident Fund 2011 (5) SA 446 (GSJ).


As a general rule correspondents matters are levied based upon the usual fee sharing basis of 1/3 to the referring attorney and 2/3 of the success fee to Gert Nel Inc.

However, depending on the amount of work done by the instructing attorney before the matter is handed over to Gert Nel Inc. a tailor made agreement may be negotiated between the attorneys.

Gert Nel Inc. carries all the expenses related to the specific instruction including medico legal examinations,  RAF 4 appointments etc. and as such a correspondent will never be required to occur any expenses related to the claim,


We have specific agreements with all our advocates and specialists relating to their accounts ensuring that a client and/or correspondent will never be burdened with these expenses during the administration of the claim.

The realationship between our office and the experts ensure that our clients have access to the best

possible professionals in their field.

Travel and accommodation arrangements are also made for clients requiring such services.

Most if not all expenses are covered by the Road Accident Fund upon finalization of the matter.