Gert Nell


Gert Nel Incorporated specializes in Personal Injury Law with specific focus on the following areas of law:

Road Accident Fund Claims

Personal Claims

We have an excellent working relationship with the personnel of the Road Accident Fund and have daily contact with the Fund regarding our client's matters. 

Our firm is known to the Road Accident Fund’s panel of attorneys as formidable opponents who ensures that our client's claims are settled alternatively adjudicated to their utmost advantage.

Gert Nel Inc. litigates mainly in the High Court in Pretoria as the Road Accident Fund’s head office is situated in Pretoria. 

We are fortunate to work with a panel of excellent medical specialists as well as Advocates to provide the best possible outcome and advice to our clients.


To our Colleagues

We provide an excellent base and network for correspondent attorneys and referrals nationwide.

Because of the fact that the Road Accident Fund's head office is situated in Pretoria most of our litigation is done in the Pretoria High Court  - we have never experienced any opposition in terms of jurisdiction.

A mutually beneficial fee agreement forms the base of the relationship and our approach is to administrate and finalize the claim with the least possible input required from the correspondent.

We also render a service in which we assess and advise colleagues on the prospects of success of a specific instruction taking into account the stringent requirements of the current Road Accident Fund Act.

Once we have decided to take an instruction the rest is left to us as we deal with the finance, litigation and settlement of the matter.

In order to render an accessible service to our correspondents (see main menu) we have developed a system with the help of which our correspondents are able to access the progress of an instruction by logging onto our network with the use of their own personalized password.

Peace of mind is the key and that forms the basis of the service we provide.

Section 17 (5) - Suppliers Claims

We render a recovery service on behalf of various suppliers i.e. Hospital Groups, Radiologists, Ambulance and Emergency Services etc. who contributed to the recovery treatment of patients involved in motor vehicle accidents.

Gert Nel Inc. is on the panel of various medical suppliers and 26 Medical Insurance Companies nationwide offering a comprehensive professional service, ensuring our client's rights to the recovery of the expenses incurred in their effort to treat road accident victims

Medico-Legal Collections

 As a result of the excellent recovery results obtained by our suppliers we have been requested by our clients to assist them in the recovery of their medico legal expenses occurred by them upon attorneys' special request and instance.

These claims need to be separated from Section 17(5) - claims as these expenses are usually for the instructing attorneys account and falls outside the liability of the Road Accident Fund as an agreement is reached between the supplier and the attorney as opposed to the patient receiving emergency treatment from the supplier.

These services are usually rendered to assist attorneys in the qualification of their client's claims. 


Public Liability Claims including Slip and Fall Claims, Train Accidents and Accidents involving Potholes

We take special care in establishing a firm basis on the merits of each matter not to expose the client to possible counter action.

The quantum of each matter is equally researched to ensure that both psychological and physical requirements are met in terms of compensation value.

Dog Bite Claims

Often the result of a friendly visit to a family member or friend special care is taken not to aggravate any family relationship or feelings.

These interesting claims are investigated thoroughly as to ensure minimum risk and top results.


Medical Negligence

Our company was involved in what was the largest settlement of R 734 3293.00 reached at the time in a matter in which an infant was rendered blind as a result of the negligence of the Hospital and Medical staff.

Because of the very nature of a Medical Negligence claim the utmost care is taken to establish the true facts of each matter before any formal steps are taken in order to protect the client's rights and to prevent the major cost implication and the undue prolonging of an already unpleasant experience.