Gert Nell

Road Accident Fund Claims


There are more than 500 000 road accidents in South Africa each year, with over 10 000 people killed and hundreds more seriously injured.

Compensation is available from the national Road Accident Fund to people injured in road accidents or to dependants of those killed due to negligent driving.

Claiming from the Fund can be complex, lengthy and a traumatic experience and choosing the right attorney to represent you is of the utmost importance.

The application of the law changes weekly and you should ensure that the attorneys you choose are and will remain at the cutting edge of the changes that take place as to ensure that you enjoy the broadest possible cover that the Road Accident Fund Act could offer.

Gert Nel Incorporated is ergonomically structured towards achieving the best possible results  in the shortest possible time.

We are mindful of the fact that because of accidents clients are often injured to such an extent that they are unable to work and/or perform as they could before an accident and often lose their jobs or have difficulty in securing  new employment.

Clients are also in grave need of medical treatment and/or rehabilitation and Medical Aids often require undertakings in order to grant payment for any further treatment.    

Medical suppliers can also put pressure on road accident victims to expedite payment and being on the panel of various medical suppliers and administrators like Netcare, Alexander Forbes and Discovery Health affords us the opportunity to negotiate reasonable payment terms on behalf of our clients while their claims are being finalized.   

As such it is of paramount importance to get started with the investigation as soon as possible to afford us the best possible oppurtunity to investigate the mechanism of the accident and to obtain all the relevant medical documentation to comply with and lodge the claim.  

We have an excellent working relationship with the personnel and former colleagues at the Road Accident Fund. 

Our firm is known to the Road Accident Fund’s panel of attorneys as formidable opponents who ensure that our clients' claims are settled, alternatively adjudicated to their utmost advantage.

Because of the fact that the Road Accident Fund's head office is situated in Pretoria we mostly litigate out of the High Court of Pretoria which also allows us the opportunity to render our stirling service nationwide.

We are prepared to travel to wherever you are situated in order to assist you with your Road Accident Fund claim.

We are fortunate to be able to work with and afford our clients access to an excellent panel of medical experts and advocates to ensure the best possible outcome of their claim(s).

If you need to claim from the Road Accident Fund, we can assist you with this complicated process and ensure the best possible settlement. 

  • Our services are rendered on a "no success no fee basis";
  • No deposit required;
  • At no stage during the administration of your claim would you be required to pay or finance any expenses from your own pocket;
  • You would not be required to sign any loan agreement to finance your claim.


Nationwide Correspondent Service

We assist our colleagues with administrative support to finalise claims against the Road Accident Fund.

Gert Nel Incorporated also offers advisory services to correspondent attorneys in terms of which we  apply our skills and experience to assess the potential success of a particular claim.

We provide an excellent base and network for correspondent attorneys and referrals nationwide.

Because of the fact that the Road Accident Funds' head office is situated in Pretoria most of our litigation is done in the Pretoria, High Court  - we have never experienced any difficulty with  jurisdiction whilst dealing with correspondents on a nationwide basis.

A mutually beneficial fee agreement forms the base of the relationship and our approach is to administrate and finalise the claim with the least possible input required from the correspondent.

Once we have decided to take on an instruction the rest is left to us.

We prefer to deal with the lodgement, litigation and settlement of the matter (s).

Correspondent attorneys are able to log on to our secure

online network to track the progress of any instruction at any given time.

Peace of mind and sterling results  is the key that forms the basis of the service we provide.


With Gert Nel Inc. as your partner in the administration of your client's claim the rest is left to us - we finance the claim from inception to the finalization.

Clients would not be required to apply for finance to support the administration of their claims for instance the payment of any experts or other claim related expenses.


 Section 17 (5) - Suppliers Claims

We render a recovery service on behalf of various suppliers i.e. Hospital Groups, Radiologists, Ambulance and Emergency Services etc. who contributed to the recovery treatment of patients involved in motor vehicle accidents.

Gert Nel Incorporated are on the panel of various medical and other suppliers such as Netcare, Alexander Forbes and Discovery Health offering a comprehensive and professional service, ensuring our client's rights to the recovery of the expenses occurred in their effort to treat road accident victims.