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Prescription in medical negligence claims

Prescription in medical negligence claims and its exception to minors

Our article aims to provide more information about prescription in medical negligence claims, outlining the meaning of various terms and providing a simple scenario for clarity. If you have a possible medical negligence claim it is important to take cognisance of the prescription period of the claim. Simply put, prescription can be described as the […]

A Patient’s Right to Informed Consent

A Patient’s Right to Informed Consent

If you believe that you received medical treatment without having given your informed consent, learn more about a patient’s right to informed consent and how to get assistance here. A patient must provide his/her informed consent for any medical treatment that he/she receives. The aforementioned principle was established in the matter of Stoffberg v Elliot, […]

Expert Guidance in Medical Negligence Matters

Doctors, or medical practitioners, are held in high regard, not only because their profession requires intellectual excellence, but also because they accept great responsibility. This means that their mistakes, should they occur, result in human discomfort, pain, or even death. However, not all mistakes equal negligence. How would I know if a doctor was negligent? […]

What Constitutes Medical Negligence?

The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa establishes the fundamental human right to have access to health care services in section 27(1)(a) in Chapter 2 titled the Bill of Rights. Health care is of the utmost importance to prevent diseases and improve one’s quality of life. Medical malpractice occurs when reasonable and appropriate treatment […]