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Symbolism of Change in Gert Nel Incorporated’s Logo

Gert Nel logo change

Gert Nel logo changeOur signature logo, being the compass rose, encompasses our Gert Nel Incorporated’s commitment to attend to the needs of victims of personal injury, by ensuring that all their personal requirement are met by achieving exceptional results, despite the challenges we might face in the performance of our mandate.

In essence the compass rose represents Gert Nel Incorporated and we are proud to say that we have evolved over the past 18 years to meet the needs of all our clients and in doing so had undoubtedly grown into one of the leading personal injury law firms in South Africa.

We deliver exceptional service, are always on the forefront of new legislation and technology and as a result often in the news regarding the sterling results obtained for and on behalf of our clients.

Gert Nel Incorporated are intricately involved in the fight against the proposed Road Accident Benefit Scheme which is said to be the single biggest change in social legislation with adverse effects on the South African road crash victim and taxpayer.

Our Director Mr. Gert Nel was recently awarded the LEXISNEXIS prize for the best article of the year 2018 in the De Rebus Law journal.

What makes the award special is the fact that it addresses the very contentious subject of Contingency Fees.

Contingency Fees and the correct application of the Contingency Fees Act 66 of 1997 has always been a subject of many discussions and many practitioners had been scolded for their incorrect application of the Law.

Gert Nel Incorporated again took the lead and committed in writing their thoughts, subject to relevant case law and the Contingency Fees Act 66 of 1997 to produce a guideline as to the correct application of the Law to ensure that both client and attorney are protected under the Law.

Legal costs remains a matter of interpretation, which adds to the value of the award and should be testimony to the fact that the Gert Nel Incorporated approach are recognised and should be considered as a safe guideline to be followed in the interest of good practice.

Some of the ground breaking work that we have done include but are not limited to:

  • The creation of an application to allow clients to follow the progress of their claims any time any place subject to network availability;
  • ICE Id initiative;
  • Being involved in sponsorship with various cycling teams and by promoting and striving towards a safer cycling culture and community;
  • Representing various medical schemes as their accredited panel attorneys;
  • Being council member on the Personal Injury Committee of the LSNP and LSSA;
  • Being a member of the Contingency Fees Tribunal;
  • Making oral submissions in Parliament on behalf of the LSNP and APRAV in opposition of the proposed RABS Bill;
  • Conducting numerous radio interviews to inform the public on the realities of the proposed RABS Bill and the RAF;
  • Attending numerous sittings of the Transport Portfolio Committee in Parliament and giving input on the proposed RABS Bill to members of Parliament;
  • Conducting presentations to the legal fraternity on the proposed RABS Bill in Limpopo etc.
  • Attaining some of the largest settlements for any particular injury to date;
  • Making provision for our clients to gain access to the latest prosthetic technology and some of the best experts in their particular field;
  • Reaching out to the remotest of communities taking the Law to the people;
  • Taking the lead in finding the correct application of contingent fees in personal injury matters;
  • Setting the standard for service delivery and making our services more accessible to our clients and the public in general;
  • Finding innovative ways to promote our Firm and to ensure that the public are informed of their right to claim;
  • Tackling the evil that is the reality of the RAF Direct Claim Strategy and be privileged to have our article on the subject published in the De Rebus Law journal;
  • Always ensuring that we stay at the forefront of any changes and challenges in the personal injury law arena.

Having regard to the above the “laurel” had always symbolised the recognition of an exceptional achievement.

No other legal firm had worked so hard to ensure that the interest of the public are protected against the backdrop of the RABS Bill, over the past 5 years and will continue doing so under the 6th Parliament; nor has any other Law Firm been prepared to tackle the issue of Contingency Fees head on in the interest of the public and the profession.

It is time and only fitting to add the “laurel” to our logo in recognition of our achievements over the past few years.

Gert Nel Incorporated will continue to work hard to change the lives of our clients, to inspire others, always aim to achieve the best as a leading firm of attorneys, taking personal injury law to the next level.

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