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A helmet that can notify your loved ones

Specialized helmet

18 April 2019

SPECIALIZED is a well-known brand in the cycling world as they were established already in 1974.  Their motto is to “innovate and inspire to improve riders’ lives” and that they have definitely done in their new innovative helmet.

Specialized helmet

This helmet is called the ANGi Helmet which is a first of its kind.  ANGi stands for Angular and G-Force indicator.  This helmet is a patented design which has a sensor that measures the forces that occurred during the accident and also any harmful rotational forces, therefore the helmet in fact does not need to hit the ground.

The way in which the ANGi works is once there is a threatening danger the helmet will connect to the Ride App it will send your GPS co-ordinates to your emergency contact list, however, if you have not been hurt during your fall the Ride App will start a countdown which allows you to cancel this countdown and no notification will be sent out.

As we know cyclists often ride in areas where there is no cell phone signal, however SPECIALIZED has already covered that.  If you know you are going to ride in an area where there is no cell phone coverage set your estimated time that you are going to ride.  If you have not completed your ride within the time that you have set the ANGi will send your last location to your emergency contacts.

This piece of technology definitely fits the SPECIALIZED’s motto as it is innovative and will most likely save a rider’s life.



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