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The Wise and Noble Owl

The wise and noble owl is perfectly adapted for hunting in their respective environments. They can be found in nearly all parts of the world and across a multitude of ecosystems, their hunting skills and characteristics vary slightly from species to species, though most characteristics are shared among all species.

Historians state that owls have appeared in the art and writings of various cultures since ancient times.

The ancient Greek and Roman goddesses of wisdom, for example, were often pictured with owls. This may have led to their being used in many other types of popular culture as a symbol of wisdom. Many children’s books feature owls as wise and noble creatures.

We recently purchased a piece of art by Roberto Vaccaro in which he captures the essence of a magnificent owl.

The Wise and Noble OwlWhile this was a fairly spontaneous purchase, the symbolism we derived from this particular owl, caught our attention.

The sculpture also fascinated us as it is constructed using various pieces of scrap metal moulded into this wonderfully proud and noble creature.

The sculpture depicts an owl with its wings extended, intending to swoop down to catch its prey.

Having regard to the determination of the owl one gets the feeling that it will be successful in its objective.

This speaks to the core values associated with Gert Nel Incorporated.

We are a firm of specialist personal injury attorneys especially adapted to perform and deliver exceptional legal service and advice.

A personal injury, regardless of the origin, may result in a devastating outcome to the victim often leaving the person without hope and shattered dreams.

In many instances, the victims’ lives will never be the same.

At Gert Nel Incorporated we strive to mend the broken pieces by applying our skill and knowledge obtained over many years of practice.

We strive to rebuild the lives of our clients’ piece by piece catering for all their specific needs and requirements creating a new vision and picture of hope for the future.

In our clients we re-install comfort and peace of mind that although their lives might have been changed by a terrible event they can move forward with the knowledge that they are financially and medically sound, they can start creating new memories, living the next chapters of their lives to their fullest potential.

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