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The origins of #Lovemypersonalinjuryattorney

Across the board, there are so many areas that we are incredibly proud of. So we thought an umbrella hashtag encompassing all of them would be a wonderful way to thank the many stakeholders in our field that we work with closely every day. This way we can all share in the appreciation of everybody’s […]

Why it’s a smart choice to partner with the best

If you were injured as a road user during the pandemic, you may have had difficulties in travelling to areas where experts could assess you. You are certainly not alone in this, with many claimants experiencing similar obstacles. This impacted numerous practices and caused a waiting list of claimants and a backlog in the finalisation […]

National Footprint

Why We Are So Proud of Our National Footprint

Our national footprint is not only important to us but more so to the people who need our services.  Every day we meet strong people, who are coping with and overcoming tremendous difficulties. Often people who are so traumatised or overwhelmed by their situation that they haven’t fully processed the extent of the damage or […]

High Court ruling provides relief for RAF

High Court ruling provides relief for RAF

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula has welcomed the Pretoria High Court judgment suspending warrants of execution and attachments against the Road Accident Fund (RAF). In a statement on Monday, the Minister said the judgment is a step in the right direction in government’s efforts to ensure that those who fall victim to accidents on the roads […]