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Why it’s a smart choice to partner with the best

If you were injured as a road user during the pandemic, you may have had difficulties in travelling to areas where experts could assess you. You are certainly not alone in this, with many claimants experiencing similar obstacles. This impacted numerous practices and caused a waiting list of claimants and a backlog in the finalisation of matters.

As a result, there was a need to make things easier for everyone involved.

An ultimate turnkey solution for both the Medico-Legal Industry and Insurance Industry was created.

This Medico-Legal and Insurance Hub is a centralised workspace where you as an RAF or Insurance Claimant can be assessed by multiple experts, in one space, in a very short space of time (only over a day or two). This way, you can be attended to by the relevant experts under one roof for all the assessments.

It is considerably more convenient and cost-saving for the claimants and experts and ensures that you will be assessed by qualified experts in a safe, professional manner by a multi-disciplinary panel of experts.

What is Smart Expert?

Smart Expert is a hub of offices that are specifically tailored for mobile experts. Gert Nel Inc. and other personal injury lawyers use Smart Expert to help their clientele access the professional support that they require when it comes to medical and insurance claiming assistance.

There are Interview rooms, consultation rooms with plinths and BP machines and fully-equipped Occupational Therapy rooms, boardrooms for meetings or training/workshops, parking and lockers for the travelling expert and an Office Host to coordinate bookings and claimants. This ultimately means that experts can be fully catered for, won’t have to pay their own setup or operational cost and will not need to bring their own equipment.

Get Nel Inc was given access to the Smart Expert booking system which allows our staff to make appointments at any of the four Medico-legal Hubs, really convenient in ensuring a space is booked for our claimant assessments..

The Office Host welcomes all claimants upon arrival, and assists the experts in getting all relevant forms completed before their assessments. This saves significant time for the expert, leaving them with more time to focus on their assessments and report writing. The Office Host also ensures that all experts appointed sees the claimant on that day, essentially taking over many of the administrative and logistic duties of the Expert and us, the Attorneys.

How does Smart Expert help?

You can appreciate that this centralisation consolidates and speeds up the process – and travel and accommodation for claimants are significantly reduced. This will also create less anxiety and frustration for you, as you won’t need to travel far, travel to more than one unknown office to see experts or be away from home for long.

Where can I find a Smart Expert office?

Smart Expert offices are located in professional office buildings currently operational in George, Western Cape and Umhlanga, KZN Brooklyn, Gauteng, and De Waterkant,Cape Town. Smart Expert plans to roll out to all Provinces, aiming to have at least one office in each province, and two offices in larger provinces.

Can I utilise Smart Expert online?

Yes, the integrated technology doesn’t end at its use in the building itself. There is an App in development, that will provides profile of all participant experts and you will be able to view their qualifications, years of experience, specialised treatment/rehabilitation skills etc. before you book.

You can select your required service by specific criteria and you can rate your experience.

From there, you can either custom build your own team according to your needs or bring your team directly to the site.

The simple, easy to use  Booking System can be accessed via Smart Expert’s Website, Instagram Page, LinkedIn Page or Facebook page.

The Rehab Hub will provide post-accident/incident rehabilitation and provide access to a multi-disciplinary team at one facility. Some of these may include Vocational Rehabilitation, Return to Work Programmes and Case management services.

What about claims?

Smart Claim will assist you with lodging a claim against the Road Accident Fund/PRASA following injuries sustained in an accident. They will put you in contact with a reliable attorney in your area.

There is also a Bridging Finance solution for RAF claimants who’ve obtained a successful court order.

A partnered litigation financer can also provide attorneys with financial assistance to assist with proceeding with claims. The benefit of financing a matter is that law firms have the benefit of receiving reports at no cost for 18 months.

Smart Expert is the smart choice.

Ingrid Kleynhans Wagner, CEO and founder of Smart Expert, once said, “I look forward to creating a workspace that each expert would want to be part of.”

Gert Nel Inc. had the desire to work in a workspace that made us feel valued as experts in the field of Personal Injury Claims, whilst giving the claimant a dignified space to be assessed at.

Ingrid’s quote not only resonated with us, but we have found the service has delivered far beyond our expectations.

You will be pleased to know that the difficulties that previously existed around personal injuries have been addressed with the invention of Smart Expert hubs.

Should you, or a loved one, require a team of experts to assist you, with anything from lodging a claim, to medical or rehabilitation support, please do not hesitate to contact Smart Expert.

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