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Major Costs You Can Recover After A Car Accident

EconoTimes: Tuesday, July 13, 2021 12:16 AM UTC

Suppose you were recently involved in a car accident. In that case, you might be unsure of the costs you can recover and where to recover these costs from. Even if the accident was not severe and your injuries are not life-threatening, you are still entitled to compensation.

In cases where a car insurance policy covers you, you will be able to claim damages from your insurer. However, if you don’t have insurance, things can get a bit tricky, mainly if the responsible driver had fled the accident scene and the authorities are unable to locate them. In other cases, the responsible driver may not have insurance. Fortunately, most regions have some kind of road accident fund that will allow you to recover your damages. However, it is always best to rely on a car accident law firm to manage the claim process. With that said, we’ve listed the most prominent costs that you can recover after a car accident.

Vehicle damages you can recover after a car accident

The most prominent cost you will need to claim for, even in instances of minor collisions, is the damages to your vehicle. Unfortunately, even a tiny bump can cost a fortune in repairs. When claiming for vehicle damages, it will be in your best interest to get a quote from a few vehicle repair companies to provide your insurer or the responsible party’s insurer with accurate claim information. If your vehicle is under warranty, you should request quotes from the manufacturer. In instances where your car is a write-off after the accident, you may not be able to claim the total value of your vehicle. However, an accident lawyer will best assist with this situation when claiming.

Medical bills you can recover after a car accident

Even if the collision was minor, you should still visit a doctor for a checkup to assess if you have endured hidden injuries, such as whiplash, internal bleeding, and others. Regardless of the outcome of your checkup, you can still include your bill in your claim as a precautionary cost incurred from the accident. You can also include all your medical bills in more severe road accident situations, even the expenses foreseen of ongoing medical treatment that are necessary after your injuries from the collision.

Loss of Income

Loss of income is another prominent cost endured by victims of car accidents. You may only lose a few days of income in less severe cases while recovering from the initial trauma and having your vehicle repaired. In contrast, in more extreme cases, you may be left unable to earn an income due to the accident. Regardless, you can claim for loss of income with proof from your employer and the help of an accident attorney.

There are a few other less significant costs that you can also claim for, such as possible trauma counseling costs that result from mental turmoil. In addition, you can also claim the costs of renting an additional vehicle or using alternative means of transport and damage to possessions within the car at the time of the accident. However, it is always best to claim with the expert help of an accident lawyer to ensure that your claim process goes as smoothly and you are treated fairly.

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