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Gert Nel Inc. teaming up with Bestmed Cycling

As an avid cycling enthusiast and Cape Epic contestant, Gert Nel promotes safe cycling and provides excellent legal advice for cyclists.

“promoting a safer cycling community”  

 – be more visible and wear your ICE ID

NEW! Branded Cycling Kit

We’re excited to announce that our all new Gert Nel Inc/Ice ID Cycling Kit is now available for order – more here!


Cyclists looking for legal advice?

Check out our Legal Advice on Cycling Accidents, posted on Into Cycling’s web site.

Need a new bicycle?

The Bicycle Company (TBC) was founded by enthusiastic, energetic and dedicated cyclists. They concentrate on providing exceptional service, quality products and sound advice in the local cycling community.

Click on the logo to visit The Bicycle Company Web Site.

Serious about training?

Johann Naude is a UCI accredited coach that is currently studying a diploma in Sport Science.

Click on the logo to visit the Coaching Corner Web Site.


Based on bicycle sales stats from a range of retailers, mountain biking in South Africa is continuing to grow in popularity by the month. But one of the greatest challenges mountain bikers face is crashing. Almost every mountain biker has crashed. And if they haven’t yet, they will.

The first SA MTB Crash Survey, presented by Gert Nel Inc. Attorneys has revealed some fascinating insight about each participants’ most recent crash and worst crash. In this first part of the three-part reveal campaign, we focus on demographics, most recent crash and insurance.

See the survey results here.