How does RABS differ from RAF?

What are the biggest differences between RAF and RABS, and how will this impact on road accident victims?

Currently victims are excluded from claiming from the RAF if they are the sole cause of a road accident.

In terms of RABS everyone will be able to claim, but RABS drastically decreases the benefits claimable and also removes lump sum payments for the seriously injured road accident victim.

The current RAF system of compensation is common law based which means that each individual enjoys the same rights under the Act.

Indemnity and insurance based Social benefit scheme
Provides lump sum compensation Provides reviewable structured payments
Fault based system “No Fault” based system
Allows for career pathing No career pathing considered
Allows for general damages No general damages
Settlement forms part of estate Benefits forfeited upon death of the beneficiary
Caters for:
Loss of income Income support benefit
Loss of support Family support benefit
Medical costs Health Care services
Funeral expenses Funeral benefit (limited to R10 000.00)