Dog Bite Claims

Being attacked and bitten by a dog is a common personal injury and babies and children can be particularly vulnerable.

For many people, owning a dog brings an incredible amount of joy and pleasure and dogs are often seen as being an extension of the family.  In some instances, dogs can also be protectors of family members and properties, but as a dog owner, you have a criminal and civil responsibility to take reasonable precautions to control and restrain your dogs to prevent them from attacking and injuring anyone. If you fail to do this, you may find yourself facing dog bite claims.

Not all dogs are properly socialised and many dogs, particularly in South Africa, spend most of their days behind walls or fences, rarely getting the opportunity to go beyond the confines of the home. Most people do not realise how important it is for a dog’s mental well-being to explore their boundaries, regardless of the size of the garden or yard that it occupies.

Dogs are also unpredictable, and a normally placid pet can turn for ‘no reason’ if it is afraid or interprets certain actions as a threat.

Dog bites  can result in extreme trauma, disfigurement and may even be fatal.

As dog bite claims often arise following a visit to a friend or family member, we appreciate the need to handle these claims delicately in order to limit any potential damage to interpersonal relationships.

We investigate all dog bite claims thoroughly to ensure minimum risk and top results.

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