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Gert Nel

Gert Nel worked at the RAF whilst completing his LLB Degree and was admitted as an attorney in 2000 and started practising for his own account on the 1st of May 2001.

In 21 years Gert Nel Incorporated grew under the leadership of Gert Nel, into one of the biggest and most successful personal injury law firms in the country.

Gert Nel was one of the founding members of APRAV who since 2014 had been actively involved in the opposition of the highly contentious and prejudicial Road Accident Benefit Scheme Bill.

The hard and persistent work of APRAV led to the abolition of the Bill in 2020.

Gert Nel received the highly acclaimed LexisNexis prize 2018 for his article titled “Decoding Section 2(1)(a) and (b) of the Contingency Fees Act.

The findings in this article were supported by the recent full bench judgement in the matter of N Mkuyana and the RAF(4000/2017) [2020]ZAECGHC 73.

Gert Nel is proactive and always involved in all matters relating to the progressive change in this most satisfying discipline of the Law as to ensure that the clients of Gert Nel Inc. and the victims of road crashes or road crash victims, receive the justice they deserve.

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