Road Accident Fund Claims

Road Accident Fund claims are complex, fraught with administrative pitfalls and are often a traumatic experience for anyone wanting to claim from the Road Accident Fund.  

As such choosing the right attorney to represent you with a claim against the Road Accident Fund is crucial.

When considering the right choice of an Attorney make sure that:

  • you choose an attorney with a proven track record.
  • you choose an attorney that will sincerely strive to ensure that every individual client’s personal needs are addressed;
  • you choose an attorney that will ensure that you are well attended to and instills the trust and confidence that your instruction is their only priority;
  • you choose an attorney that stays at the cutting edge of changes taking place in Road Accident Fund litigation;
  • you choose an attorney that will ensure that you will enjoy the widest possible cover offered by the Road Accident Fund;
  • you Choose Gert Nel Incorporated Attorneys.

Compensation is available from the Road Accident Fund for victims injured or to dependents of those killed in motor vehicle accidents within South Africa’s borders.

The Road Accident Fund offers indemnity insurance and is financed via the fuel levy.

To gain access to compensation a victim must adhere to the statutory requirements of the Road Accident Fund Act 56 of 1996 as amended.

In terms of the Act a victim may engage the services of a practicing attorney to assist him or her with a claim against the Road Accident Fund.

The application of the relevant law changes weekly so ensure you appoint an attorney that stays at the cutting edge of the changes taking place.

Choose an attorney that will ensure that you will enjoy the widest possible cover offered by the Road Accident Fund.

Choose Gert Nel Incorporated Attorneys.

Gert Nel Incorporated

Ergonomically structured towards achieving the best possible results  in the shortest possible time.

Our services are rendered on a “no success no fee” basis

No deposit required

Having regard to the following factors Gert Nel Incorporated strives to expedite the settlement of matters in the shortest possible time:

  • Clients are often rendered unable to maintain their current jobs and/or perform as they could prior to the accident.
  • Clients have difficulty in securing new employment as a result of their injuries.
  • Clients are sometimes in grave need of medical treatment and/or rehabilitation.
  • Personal circumstances change placing strain on the victims and their families.
  • Increasing dept as a result of changes in personal circumstances.
  • The loss of a breadwinner.

Road Accident Fund Claims

Each individual client of Gert Nel Incorporated’s personal circumstances are assessed as to determine his or her specific needs.

These specific needs are assessed by a panel of medical and other experts.

A client’s financial position pre and post-accident are compared.

The aim of any RAF claim is to secure the financial viability of a victim and provide a safety net should any of the abovementioned factors have any adverse result in the victim’s life.

In addition to the financial security provided by a well presented Road Accident Fund claim provision is also made for future medical expenses by way of a medical undertaking, provided for in the Road Accident Fund Act.

A victim is only afforded the opportunity to claim once from the RAF for any particular accident.

Gert Nel Incorporated ensures that their clients have the peace of mind that once settled they would be financially independent and covered for any future accident related medical expenses.

It is of the utmost importance to get started as soon as possible with the investigation of a claim to afford the attorney the best possible opportunity to investigate the merits of the matter and to obtain all the relevant medical documentation to comply with and lodge the claim.

We have an excellent working relationship with the personnel and former colleagues at the Road Accident Fund.

Our firm is known to the Road Accident Fund and their panel attorneys as formidable opponents who don’t back down and always ensure claims are settled, alternatively adjudicated to their clients‘utmost advantage.

We are fortunate to be able to work with and afford our clients access to an excellent panel of medical experts and advocates.

Gert Nel Incorporated is one of the biggest and most respected plaintiff attorneys in the country and are suitably located to provide our sterling service nationwide.

For top results and peace of mind long after your claim with the Road Accident Fund had become settled contact Gert Nel Incorporated to assist you with your claim against the Road Accident Fund.


We assist colleagues with the administrative support and expertise to finalise claims against the Road Accident Fund.

A mutually beneficial fee agreement forms the base of the relationship and each individual firm’s requirements are met with a tailor-made approach to their specific needs.

Peace of mind and sterling results is the key and forms the basis of the service we provide.

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