Public Liability Claims

Public Liability Claims including ‘slip and fall’ claims, train accidents and accidents involving potholes.

Did you know that people making use of public places such as shops, roads, and train services have the right to be reasonably protected by the owner, occupier or transport authority?

In general, business owners and authorities have a duty of care that binds you to take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of the persons with whom you interact, whether they are customers or any other member of the public.

In the unfortunate event that you, as a customer or member of the public, is injured in a public place, the business owner or authorities may be liable for a public liability claim for any injuries and/or emotional shock being suffered as a result of the incident.

Examples of common claims include slipping, tripping, falling, train accidents and vehicle accidents caused by potholes.

In order to make a claim, you will be required to prove interalia:

  • The personal injuries suffered by you are as a direct result of the incident and are directly due to the negligence or action of the accused party.
  • that the negligence or failure of action on the part of the accused party, could have been prevented or foreseen.
  • that the compensation will place you in the same financial situation as if the incident did not occur.

At Gert Nel Incorporated we assist you by evaluating the merits of your case closely to ensure that you are not exposed to a possible counter action.

Your matter will be analyzed very carefully to align the compensation value claimed with the extent of the actual physical and psychological damages suffered.

If you have suffered and feel that you have cause for a public liability claim, why not rely on our experience and expertise to assist you every step of the way?