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Our professional service rate

Our professional services are rendered and based upon an agreed attorney and client hourly rate.

The rest of the items that may follow an instruction are determined and specified in Rule 70 of the High Court Rules.

Once we agree to accept an instruction Gert Nel Incorporated carries the risk and expenses related as determined by the individual instruction.

No deposit is required.

Upon successful finalization of the matter, an attorney and client account will be drawn in accordance with the fee agreement as reached between Gert Nel Incorporated and our client.

We carry all the expenses related to champion a claim.

At no stage will a client be expected to contribute to any of the expenses during the administration of his/her claim.

Travel and accommodation arrangements are made and catered for where these services are indicated with Gert Nel Incorporated attending to the costs.

Gert Nel Incorporated has specific arrangements with all of our advocates and specialists relating to their accounts.

This ensures that our clients will never be burdened with these expenses during the administration of the claim.

This relationship between our office and the relevant experts ensures that our clients will always have access to the best possible professionals and specialists.

"No win, no fee"

A “no win no fee” approach is followed which holds that should the claim for whatever reason not be successful no fee will be charged and the matter will be regarded as finalized without any cost implication for the client.

Read our Award Winning Article which addresses the issue of legal fees on a Contingency basis: No Win No Fee explained.

For more detailed information and examples, please see: Attorney and Client Fees explained.