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Basil Harmse Testimonial



Dear Charlo,

I wish to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly express my gratitude to you for your decision to take ownership of my case.

Gert Nel Attorneys Inc is a very reputable and well known law firm and when I came to know that you had taken my case, the first thing I felt was relief sweep over me. You are known to be one of the top lawyers in your field and my belief was only reinforced from the moment we met.

After we consulted I knew I had a realistic chance at winning this case; I was proved right, all thanks to you.

I did not realize how complex and voluminous a case of this nature would be and the considerable amount of time you put into preparation and representation.

I want to thank you for your time and your unflinching determination.

You and your staff always demonstrated consideration and kindness and even though it is a business for you, you always added that personal touch to our interactions.

It is thanks to your extensive knowledge and expertise that my case was expeditiously dealt with and I can look forward to living my life again.

I thank you for your time and your dedication and for the diligence of you and your staff.

Please pass on my appreciation to your staff as well, because in my time of need, you and your staff were by my side and remained that way throughout this time and after a journey of almost five years everything worked out well.

In addition to being my lawyer I want to thank you for also being a friend.

My family and I will ever remain indebted to you and will forever consider you as an extended family member.

Sincerely, Basil Harmse

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