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Pieter Coetzee

Pieter obtained the BComm and LLB degrees at the University of Pretoria, as well as a post-graduate diploma.

He is a seasoned attorney of the High Court of South Africa, has been involved in, and practising the field of personal injury law for close to two decades and has proudly been part of Gert Nel Attorneys for more than one (Prior to this, he practised with some of the leading legal firms on the African Continent). He has a personal philosophy and policy of dealing with victims of personal injury with utmost care, sympathy and equality.

Pieter is a leader in his field and is well-respected by his clients and peers alike, which, amongst others, include Senior Judges of the High Court of South Africa and the legal fraternity at large, as well as the medical industry and legislature.

He has been involved in a number of pressure groups and academical research and focus groups and his academic works have been published in leading legal magazines and academic literature, amongst others, “Foundational Principles of South African Medical Law” – Carstens & Pearmain.

Pieter has been involved in countless watershed cases in the field of personal injury and has litigated a number of major and ground breaking matters in this regard, appearing for an array of victims of personal injury, which also include celebrities, international sportsmen and women and captains of industry. He has furthermore been directly involved in uplifting rural communities and protecting the rights of poor, needy and indigent victims of personal injury.

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