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CCT 366/22 Makua Obo Ka Makua & 5 others / SECRETARY-GENERAL: OFFICE OF THE CHIEF JUSTICE & 9 others – Letter 2

Email from Gert Nel

Sent: 14 April 2023 08:55am

Dear V Dhulam,

Thank you for the prompt reply.

We are however concerned that an otherwise urgent matter is met with little or no reasonable response, each passing day adding to the already top heavy and dire situation.

We are totally aware of the procedural requirements but are now at a point where we would require that you start extending the Applicants the courtesy of a feasible timeframe in which to expect your clients response, surely the prescribed dies applies to all parties involved?

Having regard to the above we respectfully require you to favour us with a more substantial reply within the next 7 (seven) days.

Yours Truly, Gert Nel

Reply from Vijay Dhulam

Sent: 18 April 2023 12:55am

Dear Sir

We take note of your email.

Our clients instruction is to await the court’s directive in terms of Rule 18(4).

We are acting with the prescripts and are entitled to do so.

Kind regards

V Dhulam

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