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CCT 366/22 Makua Obo Ka Makua & 5 others / SECRETARY-GENERAL: OFFICE OF THE CHIEF JUSTICE & 9 others – Letter 1

Email from Gert Nel

Sent: 13 April 2023 14:26pm

Dear V Dhulam, Your ref.: 0252/22/P14/mp

The above mentioned matter and our letter addressed to the Honourable Chief Justice, dated the 24th of February 2023, refers.

We confirm, not having received the courtesy of a reply to the said letter nor any formal reply, in the form of apposing papers or otherwise.

Having regard to the urgent and serious nature of the application, we respectfully submit that we would be pleased to receive your further advices within 7 (seven) days of this letter, in the absence of which we will reconvene to consider remaining remedies available to ensure that our client’s constitutional rights are protected.

Yours Truly, Gert Nel

Reply from Vijay Dhulam

Sent: 13 April 2023 14:56pm

Dear sir

We do apologise for not responding to your previous correspondence.

We have filed our notice to oppose in terms of the rules and now await a directive from the constitutional court as to the further handling of the matter.

V Dhulam

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