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Law Society Accuses RAF of Unfair Treatment As Lawyers Stand in Long Queues to Try to Settle Clients’ Cases

Written by Lerato Mutsila | Published on 21 June 2023

The Law Society of South Africa has expressed concern about the Road Accident Fund’s treatment of lawyers lining up outside its offices.

The Law Society accused RAF of subjecting the lawyers to unfair conditions and delaying justice for their clients The lawyers camped overnight to settle their client’s cases, only for RAF to fail to open its office doors The Law Society has slammed RAF for subjecting the lawyers to unfair treatment and impeding accident victims’ access to justice. Throngs of lawyers have had to endure long lines outside the RAF offices at Sammy Marks Square in Pretoria since noon on Sunday, 18 June, to negotiate block settlements. This comes after RAF released a notice informing legal practitioners about the dates and venues for block settlements. The notice indicated that the negotiations would be on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Committed representatives started queuing early to be the first ones served on Monday, 19 June.

Police called after lawyers refused to leave RAF offices

But when Monday rolled around, RAF failed to open its office doors, and the lawyers were told to return on Tuesday, 20 June, IOL reported. Seething with frustration, the legal practitioners refused to leave the premises without being served, resulting in the police being called in. Eunice Masipa, President of the Law Society of South Africa, expressed concern about the way the RAF decided to handle the block settlements. Masipa said that the processes were structured, with scheduled meetings with specific times and dates, IOL reported.

South Africans have slammed RAF for poor planning

Below are some comments:

@maryjaneexplore said: “Now attorneys work hard, yoh.”

@bhubaza complained: “This is horrible, bad planning on the fund’s side, and clearly, there’s no room for improvement. I hate it here.”

@sisipho_tsawu added: “It’s giving NSFAS trauma.”

@Onela_B sympathised: “Getting a block booking is so tough, I get it, shame.”

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