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Why We Are So Proud of Our National Footprint

National Footprint

Our national footprint is not only important to us but more so to the people who need our services.  Every day we meet strong people, who are coping with and overcoming tremendous difficulties. Often people who are so traumatised or overwhelmed by their situation that they haven’t fully processed the extent of the damage or the full effects that it may have in the future.

We have had many years’ experience and countless one-on-one interactions within this environment, and one thing that we know for sure is that no two cases are the same. However, you are not alone in this. We would like to take a moment to express our deepest sympathies if you or a loved one has been dealt a blow and you are experiencing pain; physically, emotionally and, perhaps, financially.

We sincerely understand the severity of it all and the toll that it is taking on you.

Each member of our team started as a passionate custodian of South African Law. Our firm, Gert Nel Incorporated, specialises in personal injury. Since 2001, we have built our practice, working and growing together, to a point where seeing the process through and delivering at the very highest level has become not only an ingrained business culture but the very essence of who we are and what we stand for.

If there is one way that we can help individuals, families, and even communities, through their pain, this is how we believe we can make a difference. It is important to us that we are there, alongside you, at every step,  providing much-needed professional support, through what can seem like a daunting process.

It Is Because Of This That We Are Especially Proud Of Our National Footprint

After many years of specialised training, both individually and as a team, and refining our systems so that claims are as smooth and prompt as possible, we have been able to extend our services, and thus, offer our help across a broader area. This means that we can reach more people, and make a bigger impact and difference. And this is something that we are tremendously proud of.

In our endeavour to deliver on our mission to support personal injury victims to the fullest extent, we have been able to increase our national footprint by opening offices in some of the major centres in South Africa. We have branches in Pretoria, Durban, Kimberley, Upington, and George. It is here that our team meets clients and processes the integral paperwork to better support a wider South African public. In today’s virtual world we also have extended our services to include a claims app. We constantly update our knowledge and stay abreast of all matters pertaining to personal injury law, and we share as much relevant information as we can across our website.

However, not all South Africans have access to the internet. Nor do many of them know their rights and the extensive systems that exist to assist them during such times.

That Is Why We Come To You!

We work tirelessly to engage with communities that traditionally haven’t had access to legal assistance in the past. This may be individuals in townships or rural areas, for instance, where we set up scheduled appointments to meet with as many people as possible.

Personal injury claims can be tedious and difficult, as they tend to take a long time through the court process. They also rely on having the correct investigations undertaken. These are all obstacles that we as a firm have taken by the horns, and developed procedures to expedite claims. Given what it takes to see personal injury claims through, our ability to offer this to as many people as we can, speaks to our values and passion at every level.

Personal Injury Can Happen To Any South African At Any Time

Added to the stress of loss of income, medical bills or the death of a loved one, there could not be a worse time than when one is already in a difficult financial situation. Some may opt for bridging finance or look to covering legal fees via credit facilities.

At Gert Nel Inc. we are determined to be there for all walks of life, no matter what your financial standing is. Our payment structure embraces this vision. We take on cases based on our belief that the case will be won. We have a “no win, no fee” structure in place. In fact, our director, Gert Nel, wrote an award-winning article on this exact subject, wherein he outlines the process and the acts that exist to ensure that all South Africans can have access to highly professional legal services, even those without the necessary financial means.

By focusing on strong cases, we have won the majority of claims. It takes keen experience and insight to identify these cases. Hence, should we take you on as a client, you can rest assured that there is a definite chance that your claim will payout and you, and those you love, can find some reprieve.

We Hope That We Can Be Part Of Your Journey

We are constantly looking at ways that we can make an impact. If you are needing any information at all, please feel free to contact us. Our office details are on the site, or you can talk directly with our client support through our website.

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