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When is RAF Bridging Finance a Good Idea?

“When is RAF bridging Finance a good idea?” is a question we often get asked at Gert Nel Inc Attorneys. In the aftermath of a road accident, individuals often face not only physical and emotional distress but also financial strain.

The Road Accident Fund (RAF) compensates those affected by road accidents. However, claiming from the RAF can be a lengthy and cumbersome process, leaving victims in financial limbo. This is where Road Accident Fund Bridging Finance comes into play, offering a financial lifeline to those awaiting settlement.

In this blog, we explore whether selecting RAF Bridging Finance is a good decision, emphasising that while it can be beneficial, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Understanding Road Accident Fund Bridging Finance

RAF Bridging Finance is designed to provide immediate financial relief to individuals awaiting compensation from the Road Accident Fund. These bridging loans offer a portion of the expected settlement in advance, enabling claimants to cover medical, rehabilitation, and living expenses during the interim period. It’s a specialised financial offering that addresses the unique needs of road accident victims, ensuring they can maintain their quality of life while awaiting the fund’s payout.

When Does RAF Bridging Finance Make Sense?

  1. Immediate Medical Expenses: Access to immediate healthcare and rehabilitation services is crucial for a swift recovery. RAF Bridging Finance can cover these expenses upfront, ensuring recovery is not delayed due to financial constraints.
  2. Loss of Income: For those unable to work due to their injuries, bridging finance can replace lost income, helping to maintain financial stability for the individual and their family during recovery.
  3. Legal Costs: Pursuing a claim against the RAF often involves legal proceedings, which can be costly. Bridging finance can provide the funds needed to cover these legal expenses without dipping into personal savings.
  4. Debt Settlement: To prevent falling into debt or to manage existing debts that could spiral due to the lack of income, bridging finance offers a temporary solution to keep creditors at bay.


Types of RAF Bridging Finance

  1. Lump sum payment: RAF bridging finance is typically a lump sum payment based on the quantum amount of the RAF settlement. It is paid once the agreements are signed and only repaid once the RAF makes payment to the attorney on record.
  2. Monthly payments: There are bridging finance companies that provide innovative solutions such as monthly payments, referred to as a wallet. This monthly payment option not only helps clients save significantly on bridging finance costs as compared to a lump sum payment but also assists them in adopting a more sustainable spending approach.

The specific terms, including the advance amount and repayment conditions, vary among lenders, emphasising the need for claimants to carefully review and understand the agreement before proceeding.

Cautions and Considerations

While RAF Bridging Finance can provide essential financial support, it’s vital to approach it with caution. Interest rates and fees associated with these advances can be high, reflecting the risk taken by the financier. Therefore, it’s critical to consider:

  • Cost vs. Benefit: Assess whether the immediate financial relief outweighs the cost of the advance, including interest and fees.
  • Repayment Terms: Understand the repayment terms and ensure they align with the expected RAF settlement timeline.
  • Financial Planning: Consider bridging finance as part of a broader financial plan, considering other avenues of support and the long-term financial implications.

Understanding RAF Bridging Finance

RAF Bridging Finance is a critical support mechanism for individuals awaiting compensation from the Road Accident Fund. It provides immediate financial relief, enabling claimants to cover essential expenses and maintain their living standards during settlement. However, it’s essential to approach this financial solution with a clear understanding of its costs and terms. 

Bridging finance is not suitable for everyone, and its use should be carefully considered within the context of one’s overall financial situation and in consultation with a financial advisor. In the right circumstances, RAF Bridging Finance can be beneficial, offering a bridge to financial stability and recovery after a road accident.

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