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Preparation & Lodgement

RAF Claim Process

Step 6. Court Date & Settlement

On reaching the RAF Claim Process Court Date and Settlement phase, one of our friendly staff members meets our clients at Court to ensure that they are comfortable and well informed about what to expect.

Each client’s matter is attended to by a designated litigation attorney who will attend Court in support and to champion each matter.

Attorneys are to ensure that each individual client’s needs are addressed and that the offer made by the Road Accident Fund speaks to all the elements of the claim.

If the attorney is of the opinion that the offer is unreasonable the matter may be set down for trial.

Prior to settlement the details of the offer are explained in detail to the client to ensure that the client is satisfied with the offer, understands the implication of Section 17(4)(a) – undertaking and, above all, is comfortable with the fee agreement that was reached in relation to the efforts made in the administration and finalization of the matter.