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Step 3. Preparation & Lodgement

RAF Claim Process Preparation and lodgement takes place after consultation and careful evaluation of the instruction by the attorneys at Gert Nel Incorporated. This is typically when instructions are handed over to our “preparation” department.

Stringent statutory requirements have to be met in most instances and the attorneys and staff at Gert Nel Incorporated ensure that these requirements are adhered to.

Once we are satisfied that all the statutory requirements are compliant claims are lodged “by hand” at the offices of the Road Accident Fund. The Road Accident Fund then has 120 days after the claim has been lodged to investigate the claim, request further documentation and/or information from the attorney.

If the 4 (four) months have lapsed without receiving an offer of settlement from the Road Accident Fund, Gert Nel Incorporated will be in a position to serve a summons in order to protect our client’s rights. The instructions are then handed over to our litigation department.