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Undertaking & Finalisation of the Claim

RAF Claim Process

Step 8. Undertaking & Finalisation of the Claim

Upon receipt of the taxed costs from the Road Accident Fund, we move onto the final step, RAF Claim Process Undertaking and Finalisation of the Claim. A statement of account is drawn up according to the fee agreement and payment made to the client and/or the correspondent.

All the relevant experts, advocates, suppliers, medical aids and other role players are paid at this point.

The Section 17(4)(a) – undertakings are forwarded to clients together with an explanatory letter and copies of the court order and their medico-legal reports.

A detailed statement of account is submitted to the client as envisaged by Rule 35.11 of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces.

Should a client encounter any problem in recovering expenses from the Road Accident Fund in terms of the undertaking, our firm will render advice on the proper implementation of the undertaking and if need be, lodge an application to compel the Road Accident Fund to comply with the requirements as stipulated in the individual undertaking.

At this point, we have reached the end of our mandate and the matter is now regarded as finalised.

Our client’s files are now archived for a period of five (5) years as stipulated by the requirements of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces.